Private Lessons Testimonials

  • "I just had my first lesson with School of Disc Golf, and it was incredibly valuable. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting started with disc golf.

    I did the best I could learning from YouTube videos, but my coach Jack describes things in a much more understandable way than any of the videos I watched. Moreover, the concentrated and instantaneous feedback on your form, throw after throw, is impossible to achieve without a coach.

    Jack was professional, approachable, and made the most of our session time. I look forward to implementing and incorporating what he taught me, and then continuing to progress with another lesson."

    -Erik H., Oakland, CA

  • "School of Disc Golf is awesome. My wife and I have been playing for six months and had no idea what we were doing right or wrong and were struggling to find answers on the internet.

    We had a couples lesson with them this weekend and our coach broke it down in different ways that we both could understand. So many aha moments for both of us that turned into instant improvement! We will be grinding out the drills and getting our mechanics in order.

    I would definitely recommend School of Disc Golf to anyone looking to improve their game. Our instructor was very patient and had all around great vibes. He is super insightful and his love of the game is insanely obvious. Well worth the trip to Santa Cruz.

    Thank you so much for your help, we will be back!"

    -Stephen A., Fresno, CA

  • "Regardless of your skill level, working with School of Disc Golf will aid greatly in your continued improvement and understanding of the sport.

    I was fortunate to be able to have three consecutive days of lessons, and was rewarded with a tremendous amount of not only hands on technical training, but also a wide breadth of disc golf philosophy, tactics and strategy. How to play and how to mentally approach.

    In addition to this my coach Jack also left me with numerous drills and practice strategies to continue to work on, as well as a number of online links that nicely complement these drills. He also included several videos and pictures of our time working together that is great to go back and view and have for future reference and to gauge against future improvement.

    Jack is a genuinely nice person and a great communicator- as well as patient. Great traits for a teacher. He also was gracious enough to take me to world famous DeLaVeaga to show me the course and play a few holes. It was amazing and as a disc golf fan, the experience of a lifetime.

    I also highly recommend his books as they provide a nice complement in continuing your own journey into the wonderful world of disc golf. Not to mention that it is just a lot of fun working with Jack. Book a lesson today!"

    -Jenny Y., Durham, NC