Remote Coaching Testimonials

  • "I recently started back up with disc golf and was searching for coaching help to ensure I was making the correct adjustments. I found School of Disc Golf while in Mexico during the COVID19 travel restrictions. It was a powerful session and worthwhile investment.

    Getting good coaching is a critical phase in improvement in any endeavor and one that all disc golfers should seek out. I highly recommend School of Disc Golf's remote coaching program.”

    -Roger S., Mexico City

  • “Advance warning – PUMPED STUDENT!!!!

    Hey Jack, just a heads up that last night was our first night-frolf event of the year. I took your two points from our last session, did some practicing into my net.  Hip/core rotation, and trying to find that sweet spot for weight shift and halting my forward momentum behind my anchor foot. It worked! A real breakthrough moment and I now find myself seeking that ‘sweet spot’ vs. trying to throw as hard as I can.

    I only went -1, but I won, and I have added a very significant amount of distance! I took out Udisc to track one of my drives, which (while still not super far) is way farther than I’ve thrown before on that hole – 365 feet.  Sadly, it went onto the road as I wasn’t expecting to be able to do that, but it was my favorite road penalty of my life, lol.”

    -Brent B., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “I worked with Jack, and he was an excellent coach and teacher. During our sessions he was able to help me get more comfortable in my stance and achieve much more accurate and reliable throws!

    Going into the lesson I was not confident in my backhand shots and now they have become the most reliable part of my game.

    This is all thanks to School of Disc Golf!”

    -Josh G., San Jose, CA