Teambuilding Testimonials

  • "The School of Golf teambuilding event exceeded my expectations. It was entertaining and eye-opening, and just a great way to spend the day outdoors."

    -Mike Z., Google

  • “My company hired School of Disc Golf for a team building event for a small group of people. They were very helpful and flexible in order to set up the event according to our needs.

    We picked a location close to our office for convenience after they had informed us of all the options in the area. We also had a choice of buying one, two or three custom-printed discs per person, or just using loaners, and decided to go with three to optimize the experience.

    “Before going out on the course we received instructions on throwing techniques, the differences between the discs, and ways to play the game.

    Hiring School of Disc Golf was a great way to get introduced to the sport and because we got to keep our discs it will be easy to go out and play the game on our own again.”

    -Karolina Burstrom, Ericksson

  • “Jack was a great instructor for our company’s disc golf offsite – engaging the team and teaching us the basics of the sport. I would recommend School of Disc Golf to a team looking for an afternoon outdoor offsite.”

    -Sean McQuillan, BitTorrent